The Outdoor Learning Map - Image Sharing Policy

A key feature of the Outdoor Learning Map is that registered users can upload content to the site, including photographs.

Our Image Sharing Policy explains what you agree to do if you upload photographs to the site and what we will do to manage images on our site.

You must agree to follow our Image Sharing Policy if uploading photographs to the Outdoor Learning Map.

  1. When you upload photographs to the Outdoor Learning Map you understand that this is a publicly viewable platform and that content you share may be downloaded, used and modified by others.
  2. We do not claim copyright for any images you upload but by uploading content to our site you grant us permission to display your images on the Outdoor Learning Map.
  3. You may at any time revoke permission for us to display your images on the Outdoor Learning Map, either by removing the images yourself or by contacting us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will remove your content.
  4. We recommend that images you upload do not contain identifiable images of individuals. For images that do not contain recognisable images of individuals consent is not required.  Such images will remain on the site for an indefinite period (subject to 3 above).
  5. You may not upload images that:
    a) are offensive or indecent.
    b) breach copyright or any other intellectual property rights.
    c) contain identifiable images of individuals without their explicit consent (see 6 - 9)
  6. Photographs that contain identifiable images of individuals are considered 'personal data' under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). If you upload photographs that contain identifiable images of individuals you must have their documented freely given consent for their image to be used for this purpose. Individuals who are 12 years old and over and competent to do so, may give their own consent, for individuals under 12 years of age or not capable of giving consent, consent must be given by a parent or carer.
  7. You must use our GDPR compliant Outdoor Learning Map Image Consent Form where consent is required for identifiable images. You must record and securely retain consent forms for any identifiable images you upload for a 3-year period from upload or until the image is removed from the site if this occurs sooner.
  8. We will seek assurance that consent is in place by auditing consent on an annual basis for a sample of identifiable images. This means we may contact you and ask you to confirm or evidence the consents in place for an image.  If consent can not be evidence as part an audit, the relevant image will be removed.
  9. It is our policy to review all uploaded content for relevance 3-years after upload. During this review we will automatically remove all identifiable images.