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One of 4 sites at Braid Burn, part of Advanced Higher Geography river study with Trinity Academy
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    This was the second of 4 sites visited with Advanced Higher Geographers from Trinity Academy as we worked our way downstream. The pupils measured flow rate, wetted perimeter, depth profile and size/angularity of substrate. The particular location used involved a lovely 10min woodland walk from easy parking on Redford Road. The site is ideal for study – easy access stream bank with a pronounced meander showing deposition/erosion on opposite banks. Depth was all within welly limits (we visited in November).
    Dreghorn woods are a fascinating location to work in; the grounds of an old castle (now long gone; blown up by the army decades ago), the woods contain both First and Second World war training trenches, an old curling pond, an ice house and many impressive specimen trees including sizeable redwoods. There’s a display board with a map and some interpretation near the entrance off Redford Road.

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